'We all criticise some of the exhibitions that have been on at the Horsebridge in the past, but this one you should have seen. This is artwork; that if displayed in your home will encourage conversation for or against but rarely will it provoke apathy!. You do not have to have a penchant for pornography, naked women or anything seedy. This is just the artist (Sally Hewett) expressing herself in a very unique way. These embroidered body parts took great skill with a needle, and hours were spent even on the smaller works with thousands of French knots.
Alongside these unique works, were some other very impressive pieces using acrylic paint and varnish from the same artist that would have appealed to the more conventional art collector.
I wanted the tongue personally, and re-name it "What I think of Canterbury Council". Sally called it “The Morning After”.'

“Brighton Art Fair, 1-4 Oct 2009
This was another trip out … there were things to look at. The photos by Andre Lichtenberg were nice, as was a little bird clinging to the wall by Guy Holder. The most adventurous arts were some strange mummy bits by Sally Hewett…"

"Sally Hewett creates the most tactile parts of the human anatomy, delicate and thought provoking".